New Ventures

Last year around this time, I left Mercury Payment Systems to start Nose Rider Labs.  This is my first company and have been working on finding product/market fit by experimenting with a few product ideas.

Wetter Feet ( is a site for people to make their bucket lists and be connected with friends to cross things off their list with and experience providers who can help them.  We have a few hundred users and a handful of experience providers.  I also taught myself to code in order to build the site.

Essential Man Skills ( was a site geared toward men who want to re-discover the skills our fathers and grandfathers had.  We created a fantastic Movember Advent Calendar.  The longer term vision was to create local Man Groups that could work together and with local experience providers to “earn” proficiency in the Core 9 Man Skills.

Zero Waste Certified ( is my most recent nascent project.  The goal is to make it dead simple for people to recycle, compost, or upcycle the majority of their waste and get rid of their black bins.  By creating a Zero Waste Certified (TM) certification process and brand, consumers will be able to look for the logo and know that all parts of the packaging adhere to Zero Waste standards.

Stay tuned for more exciting products and feel free to give feedback on what you think is most promising!

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